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What is LCL?

LCL stands for Less Than Container Load, it means smaller quantities of cargo which we will then combine with other cargo and ship together so that we ship a full container of mixed cargo, this offers a solution when you do not have sufficient cargo to book a full shipping container. JSA is able to offer LCL services into our markets as well as full container loads.

What is FCL?

This means Full Container Load – basically a full 20 foot or 40 foot container of cargo. You book the full container, whichever size you require, we position the container at the loading address you advise and you fill it with your cargo.

What is Reefer cargo?

Reefer stands for refrigerated cargo. JSA is pleased to be able to service all your needs for frozen or refrigerated cargo to most destinations.

How are food products shipped?

JSA ships all manner of food products whether these be dry ambient packaged goods, or chilled/frozen products and these can either be small quantities shipped LCL or Full container loads, we are able to ship any food products as long as it complies with the restrictions for the country of destination. Please contact our office to clarify your requirements.

What is Hazardous cargo?

There are strict regulations surrounding hazardous or dangerous cargo, and our standard quotations are for Non Hazardous cargo. If you believe your cargo to be hazardous please speak to one of our team members who will check the IMDG or UN classification for you and confirm what the rules are around shipping that particular cargo. Many types of hazardous cargo can still be shipped with the appropriate regulations being adhered to – however it is very important that all information is supplied to us in advance of shipment so that our experts can check whether the cargo can be shipped to the required destination, and can go through the correct documentation with you.

Should I insure my cargo?

Yes, we always recommend that you take out insurance. We suggest you work with Seven Seas Insurance who provide a superlative service, with no deductible. It is very important that your cargo is insured as in the event of any damage to your cargo, that of another customer or the vessel you will need to have cover. You will normally be covered for the loss or damage of the goods and the duties you have paid if you declared them. You will only be insured for the value not what you hope to sell the goods for. The laws surrounding shipping are complicated and include “General Average.”

What is General Average?

In a nutshell, General Average is declared if the vessel or its cargo suffers some major catastrophe like engine failure, force majeure or the cargo is damaged. In terms of shipping “freight is payable vessel lost or not lost.” That means even if the vessel suffers one of the above incidents you will still be required to pay the freight. Moreover, general average is worked out on the vessel cargo and each party, whether involved in the incident or not will be required to pay a “General Average” value of the cargo onboard. So if you cargo happens to be a second hand refrigerator but everything else is brand new Motor Vehicles, you will be obliged to pay the average value. So you must always take total loss insurance at the very least.

What is total loss insurance?

Some goods are difficult to insure. Like personal effects packed by yourself. The insurers will not want to accept any liability for their safe transport and will only offer total loss insurance. This is much cheaper than full insurance but you are only covered if there is a General Average claim, or your cargo is completely lost overboard. You are not covered for water damage or breakages.

Where do you ship to?

JSA offers a diverse global supply chain package, and are specialists in to the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, Far East Russia, Russia, Asia, and North America as well as many other destinations from anywhere in the world. We are experts in shipping difficult cargo to difficult to get to places, the above list is by no means exclusive.

Is there someone available locally when my cargo is delivered to the Caribbean or Latin America?

Yes, we are strategic partners with Tropical Shipping and work with their Offices or our own agents in the markets they don’t serve. Our Miami HQ and Trinidad and Panama Branch Offices are also available.

What is breakbulk cargo?

This is the term for any cargo which is too large to fit into a standard shipping container or is not suitlinable for transporting by container. For Example a Wind turbine is too big and Cement is shipped in big bags. JSA is unique in that we can ship both containerised and breakbulk cargo. JSA has its own team of experts for breakbulk, out of gauge and project cargo. For any breakbulk requirements please contact Richard Platts …..

Do you ship all forms of out of gauge cargo?

Yes we offer specialist support with our team of industry experts who are well used to handling cargo which is out of gauge, whether it be on a flat rack or open topped container, as well as breakbulk and project cargo, please contact Richard Platts ….

How can you help me with Procurement?

JSA uses it’s worldwide network of agents to assist with putting you in contact with suppliers worldwide, and also works specifically on the hotel and catering industry with a company called PSL.

How do I contact your Special Projects team?

Contact details …..

Can you help if I have very urgent or sensitive cargo that needs to be shipped right away?

This is a regular part of the JSA service and we are well known throughout the industry for our ability to achieve results against difficult deadlines. We operate our “International Rescue” service where we can even send team members to collect or supervise the loading of urgent cargo and then baby-sit it all the way through to delivery. Please contact Andy Thorne or Nicola Gilbert-Thorne for this service …

Who do I contact your Oil and Gas division?

John Clark heads up our Oil and Gas division from our Aberdeen Office, in Scotland, GB. He has many years of experience specialising in shipping of Oil and Gas related cargo to West Africa, US Gulf, Algeria, Libya and worldwide. Please contact him at …..

What are INCO Terms?

These are the terms for your contract of purchase with your supplier and detail who will pay for what part of the supply chain from manufacture through to final delivery. For a full listing of these terms and what each one means please click here …. Or contact any of our offices ….

What Liner Agencies do you represent and where do you ship to?

JSA is a Liner Agent and offers representation for shipping lines. JSA is extremely successful in this area and well known as an industry expert. Please visit our Shipping Lines section to view the lines we represent and the routes they serve

How do I look at Sailing Schedules?

Please visit our Sailing Schedule section.

Can I track my cargo on-line?

Yes, from any page you can access our tracking system click here or -you can contact any member of staff worldwide and they will be pleased to assist you.

Do you have a specialist Purchase Order Management system?

Yes, for our major multi-national customers we operate a bespoke Purchase Order Management system, please contact … to discuss your needs further.

What are your Terms & Conditions?

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